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SDKs & Platforms Supported

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Multiplayer Games with Marmalade

  • Build Realtime Apps and Games with Marmalade and AppWarp
  • Tight integration to get you started in few steps
  • Integrate with Marmalade integrated App42 BaaS APIs for Social Leaderboard and Reward Management

Appwarp Multiplayer Engine with Cocos2D-X

  • Build Realtime Apps and Games with Cocos2d-x and AppWarp
  • Persistent Room property management
  • Match making based on the number of users and properties
  • Integrate with App42 BaaS APIs for Social Leaderboard and Reward Management

Make Realtime Multiplayer Games using cocos2D

  • AppWarp supports Cocos2D, a popular 2D animation framework for building
    iOS games
  • Embed sprite support, cool graphical effects, animations, physics libraries, sound engines, and a lot more in your gaming App with Cocos2D and multiplayer protocol support from AppWarp
  • Easy to use APIs in iOS, Android, Windows and Java to create a room/lobby logic and send updates to peers
  • Quick and easy integration to make realtime multiplayer games
  • Absolutely no server side coding or deployment required

Make Interactive Games with Unity3D

  • Unity3D support to make interactive entertainment and multimedia experience
  • Easy integration in few steps
  • Complete gaming solution with Social Leaderboard and Reward Management APIs

Browser Based Games With HTML5

  • AppWarp’s javascript SDK with websocket technology for fast asynchronous communication with other clients through the cloud
  • Client side applications can connect, subscribe and manage server side rooms, lobbies and users.
  • Match making and properties significantly enhances the usability of AppWarp with quick play modes

Start making Multiplayer Games with Unity3D, Cocos2D, Cocos2d-x,
HTML5 and Marmalade- Start Now

Social Leaderboard

Customized Social Leaderboard

  • Customizable Leaderboard with rich set of features to get your user’s to interact and stay engaged
  • Integrate your games with your Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. Have a Leaderboard among your connected friends from social platforms
  • Create Leaderboards based on Global/Daily/Weekly Scores or Rankings or based on Buddy List

Reward Management

  • Increase your game’s active game play time with Reward Management
  • Complete Reward Management system to allow users to unlock levels, purchase in-app items
  • Collectable rewards like virtual currencies, discount offers and goods, etc
Reward Management
Buddy Management

Buddy Management

  • Comprehensive solution for buddy management
  • Invite, challenge users
  • Create and manage your own group and create buddy-based Leaderboards
  • Find buddies based on geographical locations, check-in support

Avatar Management

  • Create and manage custom avatar
  • Import existing avatars/status message from Facebook , Twitter or LinkedIn
  • Create a virtual identity in online world
Avatar Management

Start making Multiplayer Games with Unity3D, Cocos2D,
Cocos2d-x and Marmalade- Start Now


Multiplayer Games with ActionScript3 – AS3

  • Build interactive Realtime Multiplayer Flash games
  • Easy integration in few steps
  • Integrate App42 BaaS for Social Leaderboard and Reward Management APIs

Match Making to Support Quick Play Modes

  • Matching based on the properties of a room
  • Matching based on the number of players in a room
Match Making
MonoTouch & Monodroid

Xamarin – MonoTouch & MonoDroid APIs

  • Xamarin platform support for C# developers
  • C# developers can make Android, iOS and Mac games without learning
    Objective-C or Android.
  • Easy integration with AppWarp’s pre-developed MonoTouch and Monodroid SDKs
  • Extensive support from Xamarin community for all your questions and support queries
  • Integrate with App42 Cloud API – Backend as a Service MonoTouch and Mondroid SDKs to make your App development faster

Develop realtime multiplayer games on WP8

  • SDKs supporting both Windows Phone 7.1 and 8
  • Hassle- free integration with your App
  • Platform switching between WP7 and WP8 enabled
multiplayer games on WP8
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