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SDKs Supported

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400 plus Apis

400+ APIs with 20+ Modules

  • Supports all popular platforms and languages such as iOS, Android, WP7/8, S40, Symbian, J2ME, Ruby, PHP, C#, Java, Grails, JavaScript & REST
  • Ready to use technical & business service APIs such as User Management, Push Notification, Custom Code etc.
  • Easy integration with minimum coding
  • Highly reliable and scalable backend for your App

Push Notification – Cross Platform Solution

  • Supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone to send Push Notifications
  • Cross platform push messages to Windows, iOS and Android phones with
    single API call
  • Supports Channel Subscription mode of message delivery
  • Send Push Notifications through App42 management console UI AppHQ
Push notification
Marmalade game

App42 Backend as a Service with Marmalade

  • Tight Integration of App42 MBaaS with Marmalade to build Apps and Games
  • Marmalade Developers can use App42 Backend APIs like User Management,
    Social Leaderboard, NoSQL Storage and more

Start making iOS, Android, WP7, WP8 games and add cross platform
Push Notification. Use App42 backend with your Marmalade Game/App
with single click

Make Interactive Games with Unity3D

  • Unity3D support to make interactive entertainment and multimedia experience
  • Social Leaderboards, Reward Management, User Management APIs and more
  • Embed realtime communication in Unity3D games using AppWarp
S40 Backend as a Service

S40 Backend as a Service

  • Add backend to your S40 devices without any hassle
  • No server setup or any database installation required
  • Just Few lines of coding required for using App42 cloud backend
  • Powerful management console to manage and analyse your App data
  • Ready to use technical & business service APIs such as User Management, Storage, Gaming, Social and many more

JavaScript Support

  • JavaScript support to make beautiful Apps
  • Supports all the devices, browsers which supports HTML5
  • Manage users, upload photos, store geo points, maintain session and have social leaderboard and reward management APIs for your App

Want to make Apps with JavaScript, Develop for
Nokia S40 or make rich interactive games with Unity – Start with one click

Mobile backend SDK for BlackBerry 10

  • Out of the box Mobile Backend as a Service for BlackBerry 10
  • Enjoy services like User Management, Session Management and NoSQL Storage
  • Increase engagement in your games and Apps with Leaderboard and Reward Management
Mobile backend SDK for BlackBerry 10
MonoTouch & Monodroid

MonoTouch & Monodroid

  • Support for Xamarin platform for C# developers
  • C# developers can make iOS, Android and Mac Apps without learning Objective-C or Android
  • Easy integration with App42 pre-compiled MonoTouch and Monodroid SDKs
  • Extensive support from Xamarin community for all your special needs
  • 400+ APIs with 20+ modules to make your App development faster

Ad Monetization

  • ShepHertz and InMobi partner to provide one stop Ad Monetization solution for developers
  • Seamless integration to reduce your monetization complexity
  • App42 BaaS APIs along with InMobi provides access to rich media with world class mobile intelligence for your App
  • Integrate InMobi SDKs in JavaScript, iOS and Android
ad monetization

Develop for Blackberry 10,
Develop iOS, Android Apps using C# and Monetize your Apps – Start Now

No sql

NOSQL Storage – Store your JSON App Data

  • NoSQL storage on the cloud so that you don’t have to manage high available and scalable installations
  • Store, update and search the JSON documents
  • Map-reduce search on stored documents with powerful query interface
  • Strong security out of the box with underlying App42 platform

Custom Code – Your Code , Our Cloud

  • No need to invest in dedicated servers, significant savings on recurring cloud expenditure
  • Write and push your own server code in our cloud
  • Empowered with our REST security model to keep your code secure
  • Interactive management console UI AppHQ or Command Line Interface to manage your custom code
  • No worries on your App’s infrastructure and scalability
  • Extend your App’s functionality by aggregating two or more App42 services
Custom code
Want to use NoSQL over cloud or if still looking for more APIs use Custom Code. Start Now!!
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