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Amazon Boot Camp V.1

We welcome the developer community to the world of Amazon Appstore for Android. Expand the presence of your App in over 200 countries and make it the next rage in the developer community through Amazon Appstore.

Key Benefits of developing Apps for Amazon Appstore for Android:

  • The revenue per active user is higher than Google Play and actually comes close to iOS.
  • Lesser crowded marketplace compared to Google Play and Apple AppStore. More visibility.
  • Every $1 spent on the iOS store, Amazon Appstore generated $0.89, and Google Play $0.23.

We are hosting a webinar in association with Amazon, with more information on “HOW TO INCREASE YOUR APP’s VISIBILITY USING AMAZON APPSTORE FOR ANDROID”

What’s in store for you:
  1. A chance to have a direct interaction with Mike Hines, renowned Amazon Appstore Evangelist.
  2. Learn to optimize an App for the Kindle Fire from an Android device.
  3. Learn about monetizing your app on Amazon Appstore.
Date: 13th August 2013
Time: 10 am EDT/ 2 pm GMT/ 7.30 pm IST

Mike Hines
Technical Evangelist
Amazon Appstore

Mike is an advocate for technology innovators focusing on mobile devices and applications, and an advocate for technology in Education that focuses on adaptive systems that match student learning needs. A founder of two companies, Mike has also worked to launch new businesses at Microsoft and Amazon. A principal in 9 patent applications and contributor to many others, Mike works to find unique ways to disrupt the way things are traditionally done.

A must attend webinar for you. DO NOT MISS THE FIRST CHAPTER in a series of upcoming topics.
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