Inspire Wanderlust in the
Customers with Omni-Channel Experience

Skyrocket Customer Loyalty by orchestrating consistent experience across all channels


  • Launch virality campaign using in-app referrals in WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter
  • Sharing of happy moments on all social media platforms
  • Gamification of events enabling users to invite their friends on the app


  • Suggest users for flights based on their history, bookings and interests
  • Notify users about their boarding time or when the check-in is about to close
  • Enable users to ask and get status of flights through Twitter
  • Automated notifications offering add-on services, last minute class upgrade offers
  • Location based notifications whenever a new flight starts on the home route of users
  • Collect surveys from the customers post their journey
  • Launch campaigns offering attractive deals on food choices prior to boarding

Predictive Marketing

  • Forecast the propensity of the customers to do a particular action
  • Decrease financial turbulence, keep an eye on travel trends and take pre-emptive actions to keep things under control
  • Analyze the behavior, type of flight taken, kind of places visited and predict the next travel period of the customers to target them with tailored offers
Predictive Marketing


  • People mostly travel with their family/friends/colleagues, maintain buddy lists and notify the users when their buddy/relative lands or on successful flight take off
  • Give badges to frequent flyers such as globetrotter, nomad, explorer based on their number of flights taken
  • Badges could also be given based on the destinations, for instance give the badge called Vasco da Gama if a customer visits all the places Vasco da Gama has been
  • Give traditional makeover to the avatars of the customers as they travel to new states or countries
  • Enable gifting of tickets/packages to loved ones or colleagues/employees as rewards
  • Social leaderboards could be created collectively based on the number of flights taken and the number of badges achieved

Partner Integration

  • Expose your APIs to Online Travel Agents(OTA) and partner apps securely
  • Integrate legacy applications for Business to Employee apps and MIS reporting
  • Identity based metering, traffic and security policies
  • SDK life cycle management and API test harness
Partner Integration


In-App Referrals

One-stop-shop solution for Enterprises, no need for multiple service providers

Omni Channel Devices

In context seamless transition of consumers across omni-channel devices

Build Apps

Choose from public/dedicated cloud, hybrid or on-premise services

Cloud Services

Reduce time to market from months to days

Protected Resources

Launch complex use cases instantly without depending on the development team

Actionable Big Data

Excellent customer service with 24×7 support and committed SLAs

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